The life of a soldier is always surrounded by dangers. This is due to the nature of the job. They are always ready to take risk and lots of soldiers sacrifice their life everyday in order to protect the country. As a nation cannot be safe without soldiers, their life is very valuable and every possible efforts should be made to save them.

Body armour is the most important dress for Soldier. A quality body armour ensures that the impact of bullets or any other kind of weapon is minimised. As the life of general soldier is in valuable, the value of body armour becomes equally explicit.

Flashlights used in the body armour obviously play a very important role during an operation. As most of the surgical strikes are executed secretly, every soldier needs to equip himself with the right accessories including flashlights. An efficient and effective flashlight would ensure that there is minimum margin of error during the life threatening tasks of strikes and they are operated and executed in best possible manner.

In order to deliver the desired results, a Flashlight in the body armour needs to have certain qualities. First of all, it’s vision, clarity and range of light beam is very important. The more it can make the soldier see things and objects near him, the easier his operation would become. Apart from it, a flash light needs to perform effectively under every situation, especially during heavy rains. Flashlight also needs to have the blinking function because at times, it would be required in case of an emergency.

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