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Our Goal:

To address the threats faced by our customers by combining advanced technology with superior engineering and operational experience and expertise. Armour Group brings numerous capabilities under one roof to create a cohesive team to design, engineer, manufacture and support our products, with the highest quality possible.

  • Standard and ONEWAY® bullet resistant glass fabrication
  • Technical data package
  • Vehicle and vessel design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly
  • 30,000+ square feet of manufacturing space
  • State-of-the art equipment for cutting, bending and assembly
  • A staff with extensive of armored vehicle industry experience
  • Highest level of quality assurance standards



The Armour Group team, in addition to our other specialized services, is adept in the various aspects of armored vehicle assembly: armor welding, grinding, painting. Our team assembles turn-key vehicles, including wiring, body-fitment, glass/transparent armor framing and installation, interior, chassis setup, wheel alignment and other facets of assembly. High efficiency assembly ensures maximum consistency and quality.


Our MultiCam 3000 waterjet is one of the leading machines on the market, capable of cutting a wide variety of materials from glass to armor plate up to 1" thick. It cuts the hardest material without any Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), thus eliminating any changes in material properties.


Armour Group has invested in a new CNC HYD 250 ton press brake with a 13 foot bed and the capability to bend a wide variety of sheet metal materials, up to 1" armor plate, to exacting specifications.


We utilize welded steel construction in all our armored vehicles. Welded steel is effective in defeating the various levels of weaponry and ammunition, thus increasing personal protection and personal security level. All of our skilled welders are certified to MIL-SPEC and AWS standards and are experienced in reading and interpreting engineering drawings.


Our team offers full paint and sandblasting capabilities for all paint scheme requirements. Only highest quality paint products are used within the Armour Group paint system.

Glass Fabrication:

As with any other manufacturing process, the people and the tools that create our ballistic glass are critical to its success. We believe ours to be the best in the industry. Our ballistic glass provides a superior level of protection against the toughest security concerns, from random acts of street violence to Head of State protection.

Our multi-step proprietary process integrates a manufacturing operation that converts precise engineering measurements into a complete system of complementary components: polycarbonate, acrylic, glass and resin. This level of control enables us to offer the highest quality and fastest lead times in the industry.

With our waterjet, we can cut the glass to critical specifications to fit into the precise shapes required for vehicle windshields, guard station portals, etc. This streamlines the fabrication process ensuring your ballistic glass barrier is produced more efficiently and precisely.


Management and administration of our quality assurance/quality control system functions throughout our facility in Hollywood, Florida according to ISO 9001 standards:

  • Quality test procedures and inspections of all incoming materials
  • Quality test procedures and inspections of all major production assemblies and final products prior to shipment to the customer
  • Quality controls, in electronic form, over engineering drawings, bills of materials and detaile work instructions for every product developed, as well as associated changes, as they occur

  • Our overall objective is to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

Completed RhinoTAC rear view

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Completed RhinoTAC front view

Completed RhinoTAC rear view

Armour Group offers the following optional equipment on most of our vehicles:

  • Run Flat Tire Inserts
  • Bullet resistant ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass
  • Turrets
  • Gun Ports
  • Blast Blankets
  • Gunner Protection Kits
  • Remote Controlled
    Weapons Stations
  • Oil Slick Dispensers
  • Smoke Screens
  • Weapons Racks

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Manufacturing PDF

Service & Support

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