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RhinoRAPTOR with gunner

glass making cleanroom

RhinoRAM on downslope

Crate of finished glass

RhinoRAPTOR with gunner2

RhinoTAC with hood up


Our Goal:

To address the threats faced by our customers by combining advanced technology with superior engineering and operational experience and expertise. Armour Group brings numerous capabilities under one roof to create a cohesive team to design, engineer, manufacture and support our products, with the highest quality possible.

  • Standard and ONEWAY® bullet resistant glass fabrication
  • Opaque armor cutting, bending, welding and assembly
  • Technical Data Package
  • Vehicle and vessel design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly
  • 30,000+ square feet of manufacturing space
  • State-of-the art equipment for cutting, bending and assembly
  • Staff with extensive armored vehicle manufacturing experience
  • Highest level of quality standards



We provide our customers with product support throughout the lifecycle of any project or product. We are able to source replacement and spare OEM parts as well as provide replacement and spare bullet resistant glass and metal/composite armor component parts for all of our products, including portable armor kits and our specialized armored vehicles. We have special distribution relationships with various suppliers which enable us to efficiently provide spare/replacement parts for our entire product line.

We can contractually provide all manuals and technical data packages for a customer to self-maintain the products we deliver.

We can also establish and specially design a sustainment program for customers which can include an array of services from a spare parts package to a parts depot and field service representation to a full maintenance facility, depending on customer or project need.

Installation and Training

As a service to our valued customers, we offer installation and installation training for all of our RhinoPAK® portable armor kits. Our qualified and experienced technicians can travel to the deployment location and complete the installation or provide training for on site technicians or mechanics on the installation of the armor kits.

Designed to maximize protection and minimize weight and cost, RhinoPAK® armor kits are also designed for quick and easy installation and for the ability to be field deployed and transferred from one vehicle to another of the same model.

In addition, we provide operational maintenance manuals for all vehicles, kits and glass we deliver.

sparking welding machine