R h i n o M E D I C

A Mobile Hospital • Surgical Suite • Burn Unit • Radiology or HAZMAT Intensive Care Unit

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Return Fire Glass

No other bulletproof glass on the market performs like our ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass. Providing ballistic protection from one side and the ability to counterattack from the other, ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass maintains structural integrity and protection levels while allowing defenders to return fire. ONEWAY® Glass is combat tested and proven to stop up to NIJ Level IV, Euronorm (EN) B7. Available in sheet sizes or cut to precise dimensions, ONEWAY® Glass provides superior personnel protection installed as glazing for high value buildings and police stations, Cash-in-Transit armored trucks, police cruisers, military vehicles, and VIP luxury limos. Available for installation in vehicles and buildings, ONEWAY® Glass is installed with ballistic-rated framing to provide a complete security solution for architectural applications.

  • Provides protection up to NIJ Level IV, EN B7.
  • Allows defender to return fire.
  • Available in sheet sizes or cut to specific dimensions.
  • Applications include vehicles to buildings.
  • ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass is available exclusively from the Armour Group.
  • Armour Group products are designed, fabricated and manufactured entirely in the United States.

When access time to a trauma center is critical

The RhinoMEDIC™ is a mobile hospital and surgical suite that operates over all national highway systems and roads. It is fully self-contained with scrubbed air, water, gas, vacuum hookups and electric power. Whether behind the front line troops or traveling in a VIP convoy, the RhinoMEDIC™ is your portable mobile field hospital.

The RhinoMEDIC™‚ armor provides protection to NIJ Level IV / EN B7. The RhinoMEDIC™ is built on the robust International 6X6 all wheel drive truck chassis and is powered by a 330 HP Diesel.

  • Unique vehicle design available only from Armour Group, Inc.
  • Composite armor and transparent ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass provide up to NIJ Level IV / EN B7 protection
  • Configurable as a Mobile Hospital, Surgical Suite, Burn Unit, Radiology, or HAZMAT Intensive Care Unit
  • Combat proven technology
  • Designed and manufactured to maximize protection at the lowest possible weight and cost

portable medical facility


medical facility

portable medical facilityal

portable medical facility

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Armour Group offers the following optional equipment on most of our vehicles:

  • Run Flat Tire Inserts
  • Bullet resistant ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass
  • Turrets
  • Gun Ports
  • Blast Blankets
  • Gunnar Protection Kits
  • Remote Controlled
    Weapons Stations
  • Oil Slick Dispensers
  • Smoke Screens
  • Weapons Racks

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