No other bulletproof glass on the market performs like RhinoGLASS™. Our ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass provides ballistic protection from one side and the ability to return fire from the other while maintaining structural integrity.

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Built from the chassis up using composite armor and bullet resistant glass, provides multiple levels of protection, including armor piercing bullets and bomb blasts. Combat tested in Iraq. Configurable as a 24, 28 & 38 seat bus.

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A quick, agile, and flexible tactical vehicle for a serious show of force. Well‐suited for special operations, as a troop carrier, ambulance, or for border patrols. Seats up to 9 fully equipped personnel. Can be fitted with optional weapon mounts. Designed to protect up to NIJ Level IV / EN B7 protection.

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RhinoCHARGE® 2015

An armored personnel carrier custom designed and built on a Ford F550 4x4 chassis. Features include our ONEWAY Return Fire Glass, run flat tires, self sealing fuel tank, blast rated seating, cameras, and riot lights. RhinoCHARGE offers an optional 620 HP with 1,400 Ft. lbs. of torque for serious situations.

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Up to NIJ IV / EN B7 protection. Transparent ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass is provided up to NIJ IV. Can be fitted with an armor protected gun turret. Use for crowd control, with optional plow blade and a remote controlled water cannon.

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Next generation of high mobility, multipurpose, long or short bed armored vehicle. Configurable for light infantry, anti-tank, special operations, counter-insurgency, electronic warfare platform, forward observer, border patrol, SWAT & other specialty applications designed to be a superior & safer alternative to the HMMWV.

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Up–Armor Protection Kits for military and commercial SUV and pick up truck models. Our engineering group is able to rapidly design and immediately produce modular armor kits for various vehicle models at varying levels of protection. Two technicians typically install the RhinoPAK® in less than a day. Certified to NIJ Level IV / EN B7.

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A state of the art currency transport vehicle originally developed for Brinks France. Provides protection to NIJ Level III and is equipped with ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass. It features climate controlled driver and guard compartments and is fully insulated against exterior temperatures, providing protection from cold or heat.

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RhinoSHUTTLE™ Transports up to 12


Up to NIJ Level III / EN B6 armored and ballistic glass protection. Transparent ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass. Protection against armor-piercing bullets, bomb blasts, and IED threats. Designed and manufactured to maximize protection at the lowest possible weight and cost. Accommodates up to 12 personnel.

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A Patrol Craft for anti-piracy, anti-smuggling operations, border protection, anti-terrorist operations, and to counter narco-trafficking, RhinoRAIDER™ can also be used to protect Islands and inland waterways. Operates in high seas with a 386 mile range. Center cockpit protected to NIJ Level III.

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When access time to a trauma center is critical or nonexistent, turn to the RhinoMEDIC™. A mobile hospital and surgical suite that can traverse the most rugged of terrains, wherever medical care is needed, whether behind front line troops or traveling in a convoy.

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Armour Group Services

As a service to our valued clients, Armour Group can provide installation and installation training for all of our RhinoPAK® portable armor kits. Our qualified and experienced technicians can travel to the deployment location and complete the installation and/or provide training for on-site technicians or mechanics on the installation of the armor kits. Designed to maximize protection and minimize weight and cost, RhinoPAK® armor kits are also designed for quick & easy installation and for the ability to be field-deployed and transferred from one vehicle to another of the same model.

Compliance Testing

Armour Group transparent and opaque armored products have been tested for compliance by these certifying agencies:

    • H.P. White Laboratory
    • U.S. Military's Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center ARDEC- Aberdeen Proving Ground

    Armour Group performs tests on a scheduled basis to ensure the quality of its products, for certification requirements, and for research and development purposes.

    Ballistic Reports and Certifications are Available Upon Request

    Research and Development

    Armour Group continuously researches and develops new armoring technologies to build products capable of responding to the increasing demand for protection against high-level ballistic threats while improving the specifications and performance of traditional technologies.

    Our materials research group tests materials for new products and enhancements to our existing products. We are looking for solutions that are lighter in weight, using composite materials and other alternatives to conventional steel or metal-based solutions. These materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the products will perform as expected in combat situations.

    Armour Group's engineering group is able to rapidly develop specifications for modular armor kits for a variety of vehicle models, in addition to designing modular armor kits for unique and custom designed vehicles,

    Armour Group's engineering team also has extensive experience in designing, prototyping and building armored and non-armored vehicles on commercially available chassis.


    The ballistic threat posed by a bullet depends, among other things, on its composition, shape, caliber, mass, and impact velocity. Because of the wide variety of cartridges available in a given caliber, and because of the existence of hand loads, armors that will defeat a standard test round may not defeat other loadings in the same caliber.

    For example, armor that prevents penetration by a .357 Magnum test round may or may not defeat a .357 Magnum round with a higher velocity. Similarly, for identical striking velocities, non-deforming or armor-piercing rounds pose a significantly greater penetration threat than an equivalent lead core round of the same caliber.