R h i n o P A K ® M8XX

Protective Armoring Kit for Configuration of M8XX Chassis

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RhinoPAK® Saves Lives in Iraq

"We had a rough convoy on January 28th. I was in the rear vehicle and the convoy commander. We were heading north on a main highway through Baghdad. As we passed thru a town, the Toyota truck directly in front of me that was equipped with a RhinoPAK® was hit by a massive IED.

A huge explosion engulfed the road and vehicle. My truck slowed and per SOP we did a U turn to avoid entering a kill zone. The vehicle occupants radioed that the Toyota was down with casualties. I made contact with the rest of our convoy, gave them instructions and then headed into the kill zone to recover our people.

As we pulled up on the left side of the truck, I jumped out and ran up to the truck. There were four shooters in the cab of the truck and three shooters in the bed of the truck inside an armored gun box.

It was obvious there were no fatalities, so we cross loaded the injured and sent them into the base for medical help. After resetting the fuel cut off switch, the Toyota started without a problem. We rolled it with its two flat tires into the camp and changed the tires.

I have to give credit to the Armour Group and their RhinoPAK®. Not only did the RhinoPAK® protect seven personnel, it protected the vehicle from two IEDs to the extent that we could drive it after changing some fluids, and putting on some new tires!

So that was what our day looked like on the 28th of January and we still had to drive back on the 29th."

Testimony from Convoy Commander, February 2009

Return Fire Glass

No other bulletproof glass on the market performs like our ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass. Providing ballistic protection from one side and the ability to counterattack from the other, ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass maintains structural integrity and protection levels while allowing defenders to return fire. ONEWAY® Glass is combat tested and proven to stop up to NIJ Level IV, Euronorm (EN) B7. Available in sheet sizes or cut to precise dimensions, ONEWAY® Glass provides superior personnel protection installed as glazing for high value buildings and police stations, Cash-in-Transit armored trucks, police cruisers, military vehicles, and VIP luxury limos. Available for installation in vehicles and buildings, ONEWAY® Glass is installed with ballistic-rated framing to provide a complete security solution for architectural applications.

Transform M809, M813, M814, M817, etc. to an Armored Vehicle

AM General manufactured the M8XX series of 5 ton vehicles for the US Army from the 1950s and well into the 1980s. The series featured cargo vehicles, dump trucks, tractors, etc., of varying wheel bases and bed lengths. The US government has since made the series available to other countries through FMS/FMF funds, and in a testament to their reliability and durability, over 50,000 M8XX vehicles are still in service worldwide.

Armour Group has delivered a number of fully upgraded, uparmored versions of these vehicles and through this process has developed an uparmoring kit, the M8XX RhinoPAK®, that enables end users to provide protection for driver and crew that includes armoring up to NIJ Level IV / EN B7 for both opaque and transparent armor.

Additionally, the vehicles can be upgraded for specialized uses like:

  • troop transport
  • command and control centers
  • mobile medical units
  • crowd control vehicle

The M8XX RhinoPAK® protects the cab (doors, roof, windows) from all sides. Engine compartment protection reduces the risk of immobilization during an attack. Optional armored protection is available for fuel tank, battery, air brakes and run-flat tires. Other options include a gun turret, gun ports, hydraulically operated plow blade and a remotely or manually controlled water cannon equipped with water or chemical spray or Armour Group's patented ONEWAY® Glass.

Another important option, the RhinoTAC™ (Transportable Armor Capsule), can be removed from the bed of the back of the M8XX. The TAC excels at troop transport; it is fully self-contained with its own diesel generator, air conditioning unit, battery, and fuel tank. The TAC can also be dropped at any location and used as a check point, guard house, for field communications or as a mobile command post.

RhinoPAK® portable armor kits have been used extensively in some of the most hostile environments. Our unique design and patented materials have withstood attacks ranging from firearms to improvised explosive devices. Two field personnel can install the RhinoPAK® in two days. Our armored solutions are proven to protect against threats from small arms fire through .50 caliber machine guns and improvised explosive devices.

Armour Group has designed and produced RhinoPAK® Up Armor Protection Kits for many military and commercial SUV and pickup truck models. In addition to the RhinoPAK® designs in our current inventory, our engineering group is able to rapidly design and immediately produce modular armor kits for various vehicle models at varying levels of protection.

M8XX RhinoPAK® Optional Protection

The M8XX RhinoPAK® optional armored protection can include the fuel tank, battery and air brakes and run-flat tires. Other options available include the gun turret, gun ports, hydraulically operated plow blade and a remotely or manually controlled water cannon equipped with water or chemical spray and Armour Group's patented ONEWAY® Glass.

  • Engine and Cab
  • Transportable Armor Capsule (TAC Optional)
  • Fuel Tank Protection (image below)
  • Air Brake Protection (image below)
  • Battery Protection (image below)
  • Run-flat Tires
  • Turret

car with OneWay Glass, shot up

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

RhinoTAC Module

Turret drawing

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

Installation Requirements

  • Two Workers (two days)
  • Full set of tools (impact wrench, drill, saw, etc.)
  • Rigging (shackles and straps)
  • 6-ton Crane or Forklift (for hood, cab, and capsule installations)

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Return Fire Glass

  • Provides protection up to NIJ Level IV, EN B7.
  • Allows defender to return fire.
  • Available in sheet sizes or cut to specific dimensions.
  • Applications include vehicles to buildings.
  • ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass is available exclusively from the Armour Group.
  • Armour Group products are designed, fabricated and manufactured entirely in the United States.