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A Superior and Safer Alternative to the HMMWV

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Return Fire Glass

No other bulletproof glass on the market performs like our ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass. Providing ballistic protection from one side and the ability to counterattack from the other, ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass maintains structural integrity and protection levels while allowing defenders to return fire. ONEWAY® Glass is combat tested and proven to stop up to NIJ Level III, Euronorm (EN) B6. Available in sheet sizes or cut to precise dimensions, ONEWAY® Glass provides superior personnel protection installed as glazing for high value buildings and police stations, Cash-in-Transit armored trucks, police cruisers, military vehicles, and VIP luxury limos. Available for installation in vehicles and buildings, ONEWAY® Glass is installed with ballistic-rated framing to provide a complete security solution for architectural applications.

  • Provides protection up to NIJ Level III, EN B6.
  • Allows defender to return fire.
  • Available in sheet sizes or cut to specific dimensions.
  • Applications include vehicles to buildings.
  • ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass is available exclusively from the Armour Group.
  • Armour Group products are designed, fabricated and manufactured entirely in the United States.

For commercial purposes including personnel transport and patrols in high risk zones

RhinoRAPTOR Long Bed

The RhinoRAPTOR® is custom built from the chassis up. Accommodating up to 5 passengers, the RhinoRAPTOR® is a multi–purpose, all terrain, high performance armored vehicle.

The RhinoRAPTOR® is ideal for commercial purposes including personnel transport and patrols in high risk zones. It is also suitable for military support operations (e.g., infantry, special operations, counter insurgency, electronic warfare, forward observation, or border patrols).

The RhinoRAPTOR® is equipped with transparent ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass up to NIJ Level IIIa / EN B4 and run flat tires. It is built on a 4x4 chassis and powered by a 6.7 liter V8 with a heavy duty transmission. The RhinoRAPTOR® comes in various configurations including long and short truck beds or fully enclosed for personnel transport.

GVWR: 12,300 lbs
PAYLOAD: 6,559 lbs
TURNING RADIUS: Curb to Curb: 48.8 ft
ENGINE: Diesel, 6.7 Liter, V8
HORSE POWER: 300 @ 2.800 rpm
TORQUE: 660 lb. ft. @ 1,600 rpm
TRANSMISSION: Automatic, 6 speed Auto w/OD
ALTERNATOR: 200 AMP Extra Heavy Duty Alternator
FRONT AXLE: Monobeam, Dana 60, Capacity Rating: 6,000 lbs
REAR AXLE: Dana 80, Capacity Rating: 9,750 lbs
BRAKES: Front/Rear Disc., Rotor Diameter Front:13.66” Rear: 13.39”
ANTI LOCK SYSTEM: 4 Wheel (4-Channel)
PARKING BRAKE: Rear Brakes, 8.1” Drum In Hat (Foot operated, Hand Release
BATTERY: Dual 78 AMP-Hr, 750 CCA
FUEL TANK: Location: Rear, Capacity: 40 US Gallons
STEERING: Power, XR-51 with steering damper, Ratio: 20.4:1
SUSPENSION: Frame: Ladder Type, 36,000 psi steel, Section Modulus : 17.2
FRONT SPRINGS: Type: Coil, 5,200 lbs
REAR SPRINGS: Leaf, Single-stage Constant rate main plus auxiliary, 9,750 lbs
SHOCK ABSORBERS: Gas Type: 1.38”
STABILIZER BAR: Front: 24mm/ Rear: 27mm
TIRES: Michelin 245/75R19.5, Load Range H

Raptor Green Baack Side

Raptor Yellow

Raptor yellow downhill

Raptor yellow side


  • Armour Group ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass
  • Run Flat Tires
  • Fuel Tank Skid Plate Cover
  • Side Entry Step
  • Fording Up to 1m
  • Seat Belts (3 or 4 Point System)
  • Front & A pillar side curtain airbags
  • Equipment Storage
  • Radio Rack
  • Front and Rear Tie Downs


  • Blast Protection (Floor and Roof)
  • Ballistic Seats
  • Military Run Lights System
  • Warning Lights Exterior
  • Rear HVAC System
  • Cabin Filtration System
  • Winch
  • Rear Tow Hitch
  • Systems Monitor

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