Protective Vehicle Armoring Kits for Ballistic Protection of Trucks & Pickups

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RhinoPAK® Saves Lives in Iraq

"We had a rough convoy on the 28th. I was in the rear vehicle and the convoy commander. We were heading north on a main highway through Baghdad. As we passed thru a town, the Toyota truck directly in front of me that was equipped with a RhinoPAK® was hit by a massive IED.

A huge explosion engulfed the road and vehicle. My truck slowed and per SOP we did a U turn to avoid entering a kill zone. The vehicle occupants radioed that the Toyota was down with casualties. I made contact with the rest of our convoy, gave them instructions and then headed into the kill zone to recover our people.

As we pulled up on the left side of the truck, I jumped out and ran up to the truck. There were four shooters in the cab of the truck and three shooters in the bed of the truck inside an armored gun box.

It was obvious there were no fatalities, so we cross loaded the injured and sent them into the base for medical help. After resetting the fuel cut off switch, the Toyota started without a problem. We rolled it with its two flat tires into the camp and changed the tires.

I have to give credit to the Armour Group and their RhinoPAK. Not only did the RhinoPAK® protect seven personnel, it protected the vehicle from two IEDs to the extent that we could drive it after changing some fluids, and putting on some new tires!

So that was what our day looked like on January 28th and we still had to drive back on the 29th."

Testimony from Convoy Commander, February 2009

Transform Commercial Trucks & Pickups Into Armored Vehicles

Armour Group, Inc. Manufactures the RhinoPAK® up-armor kits for high threat environments where civilian protection is critical for commercial applications. The applications provide combat proven protection for the oil companies and the mining industry worldwide.

  • Standard Armor and Composite armor solution for the commercial industry
  • Custom designed for all commercial trucks and busses
  • Provides up to NIJ Level IV / EN B7 protection
  • Available with ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass
  • Optional on-site technical support
  • Designed and manufactured to maximize protection at the lowest possible weight and cost
  • Ballistic protection
  • Protection from blast fragmentation

truck series armor

truck series armor

truck series armor rear window

truck series armor cab

truck series armor bed

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RhinoPAK® Armor Kits
for other vehicles

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

vehicles protected with RhinoPAK

Armour Group offers the following optional equipment on most of our vehicles:

  • Run Flat Tire Inserts
  • Bullet resistant ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass
  • Turrets
  • Gun Ports
  • Blast Blankets
  • Gunnar Protection Kits
  • Remote Controlled
    Weapons Stations
  • Oil Slick Dispensers
  • Smoke Screens
  • Weapons Racks

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